CWU Young Workers Conference 2022 – Online Registration

CWU Young Workers Conference 2022 – Online Registration

As detailed in LTB 515/21 the CWU Young Workers Conference will be held on Thursday 27th January 2022at the Birmingham Branch Offices, 47 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3TH.

The online registration system for registering delegates and observers to the above conference is now open. The link to access the webpage is as follows or can be copied into the search browser:

We will be using the online registration that was used previously for conferences. We ask that only Branch Secretaries register their delegates to the above conference. Since it has been a couple of years since we used this system we will send to all Branch Secretaries details on how to register their delegates along with the password for their branch. If you experience any problems please contact

Attached is a list of branches with numbers of young workers in the branch.  The delegation entitlement to the conference as agreed by the NEC is as follows:Number of Young MembersDelegate

entitlement1-249      1250-499      2500 and above      3

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to Angela Niven by email to

Yours sincerely,

A P Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

21LTB535 – CWU Young Workers Conference 2022 – Online Registration

30 and under count – 29th Nov

View Online


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