Re: CWU-TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Course – For Experienced Health and Safety Reps:

Re: CWU-TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Course – For Experienced Health and Safety Reps:

The TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is a course aimed at experienced safety reps to help develop their knowledge of standards for occupational health and safety, develop their understanding of health and safety law, principle and practice, tackle health, safety, welfare and environmental issues within the workplace, undertake detailed health and safety project work, extend key health and safety skills and build health and safety organisation within the workplace.

In conjunction with the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department, the CWU Equality, Education & Development Department is pleased and proud to be once again offering and running this excellent course in 2022.  

LTB 462/21 sets out our Core Residential Education & Training programme for 2022. Branch Secretaries need to apply on the Representatives’ behalf to giving the names and membership numbers please.

You will note that the 4 week Occupational Health & Safety Course held over 4 weeks with incorporated distance learning has been incorporated into the schedule.

Reproduced below is an outline of the course curriculum.

I would be extremely grateful if you could alert your CWU H&S networks about this course which has an application cut-off date of 5th December 21.

THE TUC/CWU OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY DIPLOMA COURSE – An advanced health and safety programme for senior and experienced health and safety representatives.

This course is delivered via four residential 5 day blocks plus distance and online learning.  It is aimed at senior and experienced health and safety representatives.

Written assignments, a major project and essays will be a requirement of this course and full support will be given to assist with essential study skills.


During the intensive 4 week programme you will receive a comprehensive grounding in: 


  • Study Skills
  • Analytical and researching methods and skills
  • Essay writing
  • Presentational skills including PowerPoint
  • Union effect on health & safety
  • Carrying out health & safety surveys
  • Historical context of health and safety
  • Course Essay Week 1


  • Analysing Surveys with Statistics
  • Campaigns
  • International links in health & safety
  • Communications
  • New methods of working
  • Risk Management
  • Maintaining health & safety in the workplace
  • Analysis of the impact of health & safety
  • HSG65 and Managing health & safety policy development
  • Implementing the Principles of Prevention
  • Workplace health & safety activities
  • Course Essay Week 2


  • Planning, implementing and evaluating risk assessments
  • Measuring health and safety performance
  • Human factors and behavioural safety
  • Working with statistics and Noise Calculations
  • Health and safety audits
  • Injuries at work
  • Effective Occupational health services/ rehabilitation
  • Greening the workplace and the environment
  • Planning research project essay and PowerPoint


  • Legal systems and health and safety
  • Criminal legal system
  • Civil legal system
  • Law Reports
  • How Law is made
  • European Health and Safety Law
  • European Principles
  • ILO Standards
  • Final Project research, preparation and presentations
  • Personal Action and Development Plan

This course is designed to ensure that everyone gets the chance to participate fully through working in small groups, taking part in group discussions, role play and practical exercises, as well as written assignments, projects, presentations and essays.  


Please note that you should have completed Health and Safety Stages 1, 2 and 3 or the Intermediate Health and Safety Parts 1 & 2 to attend this course.  


Please note that this course should attract PAID RELEASE for Safety Representatives where the CWU is recognised but there may be restrictions on which representatives can attend.


On completion of the course successful candidates will receive the TUC Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.


For any further information contact Lee Wakeman CWU/HQ E,E&D Dept Email or Tel/Mobile 07738724679 

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer 

LTB 520/21 – Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Course

Att: LTB 462/21 – Residential-Online-Education-Training-Programme-2022

View Online


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