Quality of Service for all Royal Mail USO and Commercial Products

Quality of Service for all Royal Mail USO and Commercial Products

Earlier this month, RMG and CWU agreed two significant interventions to address the growing concerns regarding the operational challenges affecting Quality of Service, one was Post Implementation Reviews of Structural Revisions and the other was regarding targeted Quality of Service Activity.

Below are quotes from these important initiatives;

‘Both Royal Mail and CWU fully recognise the sheer scale of the structural revision activity that has taken place this year.  Both parties reinforce that the key principles of the Revision and the PIR process is to ensure all units adhere to efficient, fair and achievable workloads for all delivery staff, whilst also ensuring that the Delivery specification and USO are achieved, along with all new products and services.’

‘In line with the Joint commitments along with the aims and objectives contained within the Pathway to Change Agreement both Royal Mail and CWU are fully committed to working together in order to ensure that there is Excellent customer and Quality of Service in all delivery units. Both Parties are also fully committed to ensure that service levels are achieved for all products and services and there is also full USO compliance in place’.

‘we have now agreed a National Terms of Reference for the activity, which fully involves the CWU in the process and ensures that any issues or changes are dealt with in line with our agreements including the IR Framework’.

In addition, RMG are taking all necessary steps to improve and speed up recruitment and fill vacancies.

So to be absolutely clear;

Royal Mail Group is committed to the USO and the delivery, collection and processing of letters, packets and parcels with equal status of importance and where we are experiencing challenges it is important that any required contingencies are agreed locally and must include all commercial and USO products and not priorities T24 and T48 parcels.

It is also very important to state (consistent with our Pathway to Change Agreement) that RMG are privileged to be the UK’s USO provider, obligated to deliver to every single address in the UK without favour and continues to see letters as an important part of our future and fully recognises that the USO letters market has a wider social and economic value to UK society.

We fully appreciate the fantastic efforts of the workforce in meeting customer and societal needs throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the major change programme we have commenced but it really is important to ensure that we continue to work together to deal with the ongoing operational challenges we face and plan for the best possible service to customers across all of our products.

Terry Pullinger                                                       

DGSP (Postal)                                                  

Communications Workers Union       

Achim Dünnwald   

Chief Operations Officer

Royal Mail Group

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department or appropriate occupational National Officer.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

LTB 513/21 – Quality of Service for all Royal Mail USO and Commercial Products

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