Branches are advised we have reached a revised agreement on Tachograph Infringement Monitoring (TIMS) which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive.  The rationale for the update was that the current agreement, deployed back in 2008, focused on paper tachographs.  In line with legislation, the tachograph units in vehicles are now all digital.  Also, monitoring by Logistics UK has become more online, meaning that infringements are reported more quickly, hence the need for a new agreement.  The revised version is attached to this LTB.

We have ensured suitable protections remain in place for our members and that the focus is on having corrective not punitive measures in place.  Within the agreement there is a firm commitment to achieving the necessary standards through coaching, guidance and support to help members comply with the legal requirements.

The following Joint Statement has been agreed:

Tachograph Infringement Monitoring Process

In 2008 Post Office and CWU jointly developed a Tachograph Infringement Monitoring Process which has worked well to support drivers and ensure they are aware of the expected standards.

Much has changed since the original agreement and the vehicle tachograph units are now entirely digital as is tachograph analysis. The obligation to comply with current drivers’ hours and tachograph legislation does, of course, remain. The Tachograph’s are now monitored daily by Logistics UK and the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) are entitled in law to access this database on request, to identify non-conformance.   

Given these changes, Post Office and CWU have worked together and have jointly agreed an updated monitoring process for TIM moving forward. 

Infringements are brought to the attention of the individual by means of a robust reporting system via Logistics UK which means that there is no longer a week delay in raising these infringements with an individual, these can now be done on the same day. The process aims to help drivers understand all information regarding any infringements and coaching, guidance and support will be provided to help employees comply with the legal standards.    

This new approach which is designed to be corrective and not punitive will commence from 15th November. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your line manager or CWU or Unite representative. 

Russell Hancock                                                                                    Andy Furey

Supply Chain Director                                                                       CWU Assistant Secretary

Post Office

Branches should note that our Supply Chain Unit Reps were fully briefed on the agreement at a meeting earlier this week.

Finally, I would like to thank Mole Meade, Postal Executive member who was aided by our two full-time Reps David Bowmaker and Rob Jones in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 21LTB482 Post Office – National Agreement – Tachograph Infringement Monitoring

View Online


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