Further to LTBs 225/21 dated 2ndJune and 266/21 dated 28th June.

We have continued to hold regular discussions with management and specifically we have reviewed bumping opportunities for the members that remain as unresolved surplus within the MDEC units in Farnworth, Plymouth and Stoke.  In this regard, I am pleased to report a significant development.  Essentially new work has been identified relating to Brexit and involves keying CN22 (Postal Customs Declarations) by confirming and typing what is seen on the screen.  Whilst it is unclear on the volumes at this stage, it is hoped there will be opportunities for c.40 former MDEC keyers to perform this work, primarily in Farnworth, although some work may be incorporated into the Plymouth operation.

Due to the EU requirements, the timescales on training for our members and the deployment of this work is tight and we also need to jointly work on duty patterns to ensure fair and reasonable attendances whilst incorporating weekend working where necessary.  In this regard I’m grateful to both Steve Halliwell and Saf Khan, Postal Executive members, and Jayne Crolla, Area Admin Rep, who will be working on these activities with Wyatt Walsworth, Head of MDEC and the unit managers to ensure the most suitable outcomes for our members.

The above has been reported to the Postal Executive today and a Joint Statement (attached) has been agreed.  In terms of next steps, a further preference exercise will take place in Farnworth.  Obviously this is good news for those who would otherwise be on the surplus list.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 452/21 – Royal Mail – Pathway to Change Agreement – MDEC Closure Programme

Att: Joint Statement

View Online

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