Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Statement – Parcel Collect Enhancement – Bring My Label

Royal Mail & CWU National Joint Statement – Parcel Collect Enhancement – Bring My Label

As branches will be aware the CWU have been working with the company to introduce various initiatives that will enhance the products offered to the customer and this particular one is no different.

Having jointly launched the Parcel Collect product with CWU in October 2020, Royal Mail is seeking to grow the product through service improvements. One of the areas that Royal Mail want to consider is the provision of pre-printed, adhesive labels to customer purchasing Parcel Collect so that it is accessible for customers who do not have a home printer. Parcelforce already offers this service, although it isn’t widely available in the market, so will be an attractive proposition.

Royal Mail & the CWU are currently jointly conducting a trial in 4 Delivery Offices (Bath, Cheltenham, Doncaster and Newton Mearns) which commenced on the 2nd August, during which feedback and lessons learned have been captured from OPGs and Managers. This trial was supported by a joint statement, to then be reviewed.

To date 14.7% of these units Parcel Collect volume has converted to “Bring My Label”. This equated to approximately 4 items per site per day requiring a label to be taken to the address. Due to the success so far of this trial, the positive customer feedback received and without any adverse reported feedback from OPG’s within the trial, the business wishes to extend “Bring My Label” to allow all customers to benefit from having the label brought to them.

Process and Rollout

The full process is detailed in the Joint Statement for your consideration, together with the timetable for rollout. Also covered off in the Joint Statement are the following:

  • Phase 1 – Pre-peak
  • Phase 2 – Jan-April 2022
  • Health & Safety Issues & Safe Systems of Work
  • Summary and Review Process and Timetable

In addition, CWU have posed some questions in terms of operational issues to the company and to hopefully be helpful, we have reproduced them below for your information and consideration:

If a Delivery Route ends up with multiple labels for their route, how are they kept separately from each other?  Labels will be sorted to the collection address in the walk frame and bundled up with other items for that address, and so will be in delivery point order.  This also serves as a reminder to the OPG that the next address has a “bring my label” collection

In addition, if a Customer has multiple items to be collected and requested for example 3 labels, is there any way to know which are for which item and whose responsibility to do that at the doorstep?  For a doorstep collection, it will be the responsibility of the customer to attach labels. The OPG will hand the labels to the customer and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct label is on the corresponding item. The label has the delivery address, item format and weight (e.g. Small Parcel, 300g) which will help the customer know which label is for which item.

In summary, we are satisfied that this initiative pitches the company at the forefront of customer service levels and deals with the threats of losing market share to Royal Mail’s competitors who also offer this service.  We have also covered off all the operational concerns that we foresee at this point, whilst also capturing the time in terms of additional workload and incorporating this in to the planning tools and systems.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 230.03, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 432-21 Parcel Collect Enhancement – Bring My Label

Bring my label CWU and RM Joint statement – October 2021 final

View Online


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