Further to LTB380 dated 8thSeptember 2021.  I am pleased to advise Branches that our TVL members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the 2021 pay agreement covering Bristol, Darwen and the Field.  Due to the varying aspects of the agreement, two ballots took place and the results are as follows:


Bristol/DarwenYES VOTES8684%NO VOTES1616%TURNOUT26%

Paul Johnston, Partnership Director, has been notified of the ballot result and the arrears of pay backdated to 1st January 2021 and the pay increase will be made with October salaries.  We expect this to be confirmed in a Joint Statement to be published early next week.  We will also write directly to our TVL members, informing them of the result.

Branches will be aware that we secured a Shorter Working Week (reduction of 1 hour) for our Field members from 1st October 2021. This was a major breakthrough as it is the first reduction in the working week achieved with Capita TVL in c.20 years of negotiating with them and is a step towards our longer-term aim of reducing working hours to 35 hours net per week in line with our TUPEd Field members. We believe all of our members deserve a better work-life balance and we will continue to pursue this matter in our 2022 pay claim which we plan to submit in December, prior to the next pay review date of 1st January.

Pensions will be an important aspect of our claim as we fundamentally believe that Capita has a very real responsibility to ensure employees are well rewarded both at work and also into their retirement.  We are strongly of the opinion that Capita’s current employer pension contribution levels are woefully inadequate and need to be drastically improved.  Pensions are a Group issue across Capita; therefore, we have sought a meeting with the Capita Group Head of Pensions at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, my thanks go to members and Reps for their patience and support whilst this year’s negotiations have taken place.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 21LTB417 Capita TVL – Members Endorse 2021 Pay Agreement

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