I am pleased to advise Branches that the Postal Executive has endorsed a one year pay agreement for our Capita TVL members from 1st January 2021.  Attached to this LTB is the formal pay letter from Paul Johnston, Managing Director.

Field Members – Key Aspects

  • £500 flat rate pay increasebackdated to 1st January 2021 – for Visiting Officers (except those TUPEd from Post Office in July 2002), Detection Drivers, Enforcement Support Officers and Sales Officers
  • Shorter Working Week – 1-hour reduction to 36.5 hours from 1st October 2021for all Field members (300+) currently working 37.5 hours
  • £600 flat rate increasebackdated to 1st January 2021 for the TUPEd ex-Post Office Visiting Officers (c.30 members) who work a 35-hour net working week. The extra £100 increase is recognition of the 1-hour reduction in the working week not applying to these members.

Non-Field Members (Darwen & Bristol) – Key Aspects

The Real Living Wage (RLW) as determined by the Living Wage Foundation was introduced as a Capita Group policy from April 2020. Our lowest earning members have therefore already received the RLW increase from 1st April 2021 which took the hourly rates from £9.30 per hour to £9.50 (an increase of 2.15%).  The key aspects of our pay agreement for non-field members are as follows:

  • £500 flat rate pay increasefor members earning greater than the RLW
  • 85% increase for a three month period from 1st January to 31st March for all members who are on the Real Living Wage rate. This rate of pay will apply prior to the implementation of the new RLW rate of £9.50 from 1st April
  • Increase in salary to £20k (or by £500 whichever is the greater) for CA’s. There are 14 CAs below the £20k threshold who will receive a pay increase ranging between 4.59% and 5.71%.

The next pay review date for all our members on the TVL contract is January 2022.

Next Steps – Individual Members’ Consultative Ballots

Due to the different aspects of the pay agreement for our Field members and Bristol/Darwen members, the agreement will be the subject of two individual members’ consultative ballots for membership ratification (one for Field and a separate one for Bristol/Darwen).  We will be working with the SDGS Department to draw up a ballot timetable which will be communicated in due course; however, the aim will be to conduct this ballot during September.

Assuming a YES vote in the ballots, the pay increase and all arrears will be implemented with October salaries. The non-TUPEd Field members will also receive the hour off the working week from 1st October.


I would like to thank our members for their patience during these protracted negotiations.  Our Reps have been updated on all key developments during the negotiations and a number of on-line meetings have been held to canvas their views.  Overall our Reps recognise we have strived to get the best deal possible which has been difficult due to the unstable financial position of Capita as a Group, together with the prevailing circumstances of the pandemic.

The agreement is the best that can be achieved in the circumstances and consequently, the Postal Executive are recommending our Capita TVL members support the pay agreement.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 380/21 – Capita TVL Pay Agreement Reached – 1st January 2021

Attachment 1 to LTB 380/21

View Online


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