Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash (FY21 011) – Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Operations – Falls From Height Injury Accident Risks

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash (FY21 011) – Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Operations – Falls From Height Injury Accident Risks:


All Royal Mail Group drivers.

Overview and Background:

Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Group have issued ‘Safety Flash’, number FY21 011, (copy attached), which urgently advises all drivers with a broken down vehicle NOT to participate in the recovery operation which must be left to the trained recovery vehicle crew, in order to avoid accidents whereby drivers risk falls from height, either from the broken down vehicle cab once it has been either driven or winched on to the vehicle transporter/ recovery truck or from the elevated recovery vehicle platform/bed.

Description and Issue:

RMG drivers (Royal Mail, Parcelforce, RMSS, RMP&FS etc.,) must not drive defective vehicles on/off vehicle recovery/transporters. The defective vehicle should be placed onto the recovery transporter vehicle by the recovery agent’s staff. No assistance should be given by driving or steering the defective vehicle on or off the transporter. The ‘Mandatory’ Safe Systems of Work must be followed at all times by drivers.

Impact and Effect:

Fall from height injuries which can be serious.

Key Management Activities, Learning Points and Messages to Drivers:

  • Communicate and display the SHE Safety Flash on the SHE notice board.
  • In the event of a broken down, immobilised vehicle that requires recovery by a vehicle transporter – falls from height must be prevented.
  • Never drive the defective vehicle on or off the recovery vehicles.
  • Never assist in steering a defective vehicle on/off the transporter – keep clear.
  • Never climb onto the bed of the recovery vehicle – only recovery crew should undertake such tasks.
  • Only trained recovery agents should load and unload casualty vehicles.
  • All drivers must adhere to the RMG Driving SSOW and PFW OFS-001_02c SSOW on Collection and Delivery Work.
  • Be aware when climbing on board breakdown/recovery vehicles. When climbing the cab steps, this should be undertaken using 3 points of contact and different makes of vehicle may have more steps than are found on the RMG fleet vehicles.


  • Copy of RMG SHE Safety Flash FY21 011.

Conclusion – Key Activity – Unit PiC Action Required

Unit PICs to ensure the SHE Flash is cascaded/briefed/shared with all drivers and is clearly displayed in key locations.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 375/21 – Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash (FY21 011) – Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Operations – Falls From Height

Att: SHE Flash FY21 011 Vehicle Breakdown

View Online


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