Initial discussions have taken place on this subject and Royal Mail Group has agreed that there will be a 2021 ‘Free Flu Vaccination Voucher Offer’ this year to all employees and the scheme has been further improved as this year there will be more choice and accessibility for members to receive a Flu vaccination. This is the fourth year RMG have offered a ‘free flu jab’ scheme to CWU Members.

This year, the RMG Flu Vouchers will be redeemable in 4,000 outlets across the UK and not limited to one Pharmacy Chain provider.

This year’s Flu Vouchers will be ‘digital’ and members will be given an access code number to obtain the Voucher on-line with simple guidance.

The 2021 RMG Flu Voucher Scheme Summary

  • The NHS are extending the groups eligible for a free flu vaccination this year.
  • Digital flu vaccination vouchers made available for all colleagues redeemable in 4,000 outlets which is double the amount available last year and will include pharmacies, supermarkets etc.
  • On-site Flu Jab clinics are to be provided at 110 of Royal Mail Group’s largest Units 

(Royal Mail and Parcelforce).

  • Agency staff will again be included this year.

Digital vouchers

All RMG employees will receive a letter to home by 1 October 2021 which will include a link to access a digital voucher online. Colleagues will be able to redeem their voucher at around 4,000 locations, e.g. pharmacies and supermarkets, which is over 2,200 more outlets than last year.

Free NHS vaccination

The flu jab will be available free of charge from the NHS for people where there is a risk of severe illness from catching flu, for those with certain defined conditions and expanded range of age groups.

On-site flu clinics in Royal Mail and Parcelforce largest units

On-site flu clinics will be available in 110 of our largest Royal Mail Group sites. The Units due to have an on-site flu clinic will be advised and over the next couple of weeks and will be provided with further information and support from RMG Occupational Health HQ.


There will be a joint communication and promotion campaign launched promoting the ‘Free Flu Voucher’ scheme through Royal Mail and the Unions raising awareness of the scheme and encouraging take-up. 

The communications campaign is planned to begin in September with the Flu Voucher letters arriving in early October. 

Communications will be aligned to the Government Flu Jab scheme for this year and include information for additional ‘at risk’ members of the population and age groups who will receive the vaccination free via the NHS. 

So a further improvement has been made in the scheme this year and hopefully this will encourage a greater take-up especially following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Considering the risk of flu and Covid-19 co-circulating this winter, we are encouraging all employees to have the flu jab to reduce their risk of getting flu, becoming unwell and passing it onto family, friends and colleagues.

Having the flu vaccine is the best defence against the virus and increases people’s chance of having better health outcomes. It is advised to have the jab as early as possible before the flu virus becomes widespread in the autumn and winter months across the UK.

Further details and communications will be issued in due course.


RMG ‘Free Flu Vaccinations Communication

Yours sincerely 

Dave Joyce 

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer


Att: Free flu vaccinations for all colleagues

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