LTB 269/20 dated 22nd May 2020 reported on the inaugural newsletter from the Post Office Pension Plan, which was sent to our Post Office members in May 2020 and is attached for reference.

I am pleased to advise Branches that the second Governance Committee newsletter is being published today and is attached to this LTB for information.  The newsletter is being sent to scheme members via email and provides an update on various matters relating to their pensions.

The newsletter, which has been jointly developed with significant input from the CWU, contains information relating to the following:

  • The various people involved in the Governance Group
  • A new Scottish Widows App that allows scheme members to track the value of their pension pot
  • Performance Update on Investments
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pension scams

Crucially the newsletter promotes the recently agreed new pension tier of 8% employee and 12% employer and signposts how scheme members can move on to these enhanced rates.

Branches and Representatives are urged to bring this LTB and the attached newsletter to the attention of our Post Office members.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

Attachment 1: 21LTB314 Post Office Pension Plan Governance Committee – Newsletter

Attacment 2: Attachment 1 to 21LTB314 – PO Pension Plan Newsletter No 1

Attachment 3: Attachment 2 to 21LTB314 – PO Pension Plan Newsletter No 2

View Online


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