Royal Mail Uniform & Footwear Range: Special Measure Arrangements

Royal Mail Uniform & Footwear Range: Special Measure Arrangements

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past number of weeks, we have received several enquires into the Outdoor Department from Branches, representatives and members regarding the possibility of Royal Mail offering any special measure arrangements both for the general uniform range and/or footwear.

The purpose of this Letter to Branches is to confirm that Royal Mail do in fact have in place a special measure process for those who require it for both standard uniform items and a limited selection of footwear.

In the case of uniform garments, individuals would be required to complete a ‘Special Measure – Non Standard Form’ (copy attached for ease of reference) which will need to be submitted by their relevant Line Manager.

It can further be confirmed that these arrangements equally apply to the new uniform range and individual members are advised that any need for special measures can be raised and submitted as part of their initial order for the new uniform; noting that the new uniform ordering process is now fully underway within Delivery Units.

In the case of footwear, individuals will be required to complete a ‘Special Measures Footwear Form’ (copy also attached for ease of reference) which can be submitted by the individual themselves, directly to Royal Mail uniforms (email address:

In the outlined above information, Branches should note the further details shared by Royal Mail on its approach towards special measures for footwear:

‘The majority of occupational footwear suppliers do not provide a “true” half size shoe, rather than making the shoe a half size longer they will make the space inside the shoe bigger as the majority of people who tend to go up a half size is usually because they require a wider fit rather than extra length.

We do offer wide & standard width footwear within the range, therefore the recommendation is to try both sizes either side i.e. if they have taken an 8.5, they should try the 8 & 9’s in the alternative styles, we also provide removable standard insoles which can be replaced with a thicker insole again making the room inside the shoe smaller.’

Whilst it is hoped that the above details are of direct use and assistance to Branches, representatives and members alike, any individual particular enquiries or requirements on Special Measure Arrangements should in the first instance be raised with Royal Mail Uniform, either via their Helpline number: 01332 697118 or by email:

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 500, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch                                                                                              

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 303/21 – Royal Mail Uniform Special Measure Arrangements

Special Measures Footwear Form (right click ‘save as’)

Special Measure – Non Standard Form (right click ‘save as’)

View Online


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