Grab a Jab’ – Covid-19 Vaccine Drop-In Centres Open Across England Under Newly Launched Government Initiative For All Over-18’s:

Grab a Jab’ – Covid-19 Vaccine Drop-In Centres Open Across England Under Newly Launched Government Initiative For All Over-18’s:

Hundreds of drop-in sites opened over the weekend, with details of the scheme and vaccine drop-in clinics locations posted on the NHS/Gov.UK website.

The new Government/NHS initiative has been launched in a bid to boost the number of people getting jabbed. The ‘Grab a Jab’ campaign means that all adults in England are now able to get a Covid-19 vaccination without an appointment at hundreds of walk-in sites set up for the first time across the country over the weekend, amid rising Covid-19 Delta variant cases.

Those aged 18 and over can turn up at the NHS drop-in sites in the ‘Grab a Jab’ campaign, which include football stadiums, theatres, supermarket car parks and shopping centres. Among the sports grounds involved in the initiative are the Newcastle Eagles basketball arena, Watford FC’s Vicarage Road ground, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, the Spurs football ground and Edgbaston cricket ground.

The vaccine hubs are open to people having their first dose but can also provide second jabs for the over-40s who had their first at least eight weeks ago, or at least 12 weeks ago for the under-40s.

The vaccination clinic sites are being publicised locally via the media, or people can find their nearest site on-line so they can choose the location most convenient for them. Details of all the walk-in clinic locations are available on the NHS website where you simply type in

your postcode at this NHS link: –

In addition to mass vaccination centres, there are mobile vaccination centres on special buses offering jabs in Dudley, Colchester, Ipswich and several other towns.

The latest Government figures show that circa 44 million people – 84% of the adult population have received a first dose of a Coronavirus jab and 32 million (or 3 in 5 people) have had two doses. A total of 63 million jabs have been delivered by the NHS (England). The UK is said to be well on the way to the whole country getting the fullest possible protection.

The Government aims to have offered a first dose to all adults by 19 July and to have at least 65% of all adults fully vaccinated by then, the date when the final stage of lockdown easing is scheduled to go ahead, having been postponed from 21 June.

The Government is urging anyone who has yet to take up the offer to head to their nearest walk-in centre to get what could be the life-saving vaccine which is reported to be effective in protecting against the ‘Delta variant’.


Copy of Royal Mail Group Manager’s Update – Message From Dr. Shaun Davis

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 268/21 – Grab a Jab – Covid-19 Vaccine Drop-In Centres Open Across England Under Newly Launched Government Initiative For All Over-18s

28th June Managers Update Grab a jab

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