Royal Mail/CWU Joint Statement & Communication on Return To Shared Van Working Arrangements:

Royal Mail/CWU Joint Statement & Communication on Return To Shared Van Working Arrangements:

This is an important update for Branches, Area Safety Reps and Area Delivery Reps further to the RM/CWU Joint Statement and Communication issued with LTB 237/21 on 11 June 2021.

The Joint Statement made clear that it would be subject to the further Government advice and announcements due on the 14th June as well as the relevant advice from the respective UK Devolved Authorities.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday that there will be a delay to the lifting of all legal restrictions on social contact until at least 19 July 2021, further discussions took place with Royal Mail Group on the company’s plans to reintroduce van sharing. Those discussions concluded yesterday evening with agreement that there will be no return to shared vans until 19 July 2021 and that RMG/HQ and CWU/HQ will jointly monitor and review the situation in two weeks’ time.

It has been further agreed that Unit Managers and CWU Area Safety Reps and Area Delivery Reps should utilise the time over the Next four weeks to engage and discuss plans regarding the implementation of shared vans working arrangements in order that a smooth, practical and safe transition back to these arrangements is ready when the time comes.

A new joint communication has been signed confirming the above and reaffirming the contents of the important and detailed joint statement signed and issued on 11 June. Copies of both are attached for your information and attention.

Finally, and also importantly is the added ‘footnote’ to the joint communication being issued this morning making reference to the Royal Mail Group/CWU agreed Workforce Lateral Flow Device Testing Scheme of which both the Employer and Union are urging all Units and all Members to participate in. We would ask all Area and Workplace Reps to support the take up of testing by members whereby the Test Kits are supplied to units for distribution to members in the workplace in order that they can test themselves in the privacy and comfort of their own homes, twice a week and in so doing protect themselves and their work colleagues. To date a number of members with no symptoms have tested positive for Covid-19, so enabling them to self-isolate and seek appropriate treatment whilst helping prevent the Virus spread and potential outbreaks in units amongst their colleague members. A number of Units are not yet participating in the scheme and we would ask that as many Units and members joint in. Please support this.

Yours Sincerely

 Dave Joyce

National Health Safety & Environment Officer

 Mark Baulch

Assistant Secretary Outdoor Postal Department

LTB 246-21 Return To Shared Van Working Arrangements

National Joint Communication Update Van sharing_16 June 2021

Van Sharing Joint Communication.doc 11.06.21  

Joint Statement Return to Van Sharing


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