I am pleased to advise Branches our Post Office members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the one year Pay Agreement for 2020 as follows:YES VOTES in favour of the pay agreement92097%NO VOTES against the agreement253%TURNOUT62%

*spoilt ballot papers – 2

The positive ballot result means members will receive the pay increase and all arrears backdated to 1st April 2020 including allowances and overtime with their April salaries.

Pension Contributions: Employee/Employer – New Maximum Tier of 20%

I would like to remind members that as an integral part of this agreement we have secured an improvement to the Defined Contribution pension scheme with a new maximum tier of 8% employee and 12% employer. We would encourage all members to take advantage of this new opportunity to have 20% of pay put into their pension pot. Members should email using their Post Office email account to increase their employee contribution to secure a better employer contribution.

We are now considering our pay claim for 1st April 2021 and plan to bring a draft pay claim letter before the Postal Executive for endorsement.  An LTB will be published following the submission of our claim.

In closing, I wish to thank our Representatives and members for their patience and support during the pay negotiations for 2020.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 139/21 – Post Office – Pay Agreement – 97% Yes Vote

View Online

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