NHS & PHE – ‘Help Us, Help You’ Lung Cancer Symptoms Awareness Campaign Launched

NHS & PHE – ‘Help Us, Help You’ Lung Cancer Symptoms Awareness Campaign Launched

NHS England, NHS Improvement, and Public Health England have launched a new ‘Help Us, Help You’ Lung Cancer Symptoms awareness raising campaign and have requested the support of the Union which the Health, Safety & Environment Department is happy to endorse. This campaign is part of the ‘Access’ phase of the new ‘Help Us, Help You’ theme and brand.

The campaign seeks to address the barriers that are deterring patients from accessing NHS services. This phase focuses on encouraging the public to contact their GP practice if they are worried about a cough that lasts three weeks or more, which could be a sign of lung cancer.

The NHS has introduced a range of measures to ensure the safety of patients, including COVID-Secure wards, and the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign theme aimed at helping to reassure patients that they can receive medical care safely despite the current ongoing pandemic.

The NHS is communicating the message that they are here to see patients safely so the NHS say “Help Us, Help You”.

The ‘Help Us, Help You’ Lung Cancer Symptoms Awareness Campaign is now live, with adverts across TV, radio, and video on demand (catch-up TV).

Despite lung cancer being the third most common cancer in England, suspected lung cancer referrals remain lower than normal. As of December 2020, lung cancer referrals had reached 73% of pre-COVID levels, while referrals for all cancers were just over 100%.

That is why the NHS and PHE have launched the campaign which began last month and they want CWU Reps to get involved and spread the word to get the message out.

Last month the launch included TV and radio adverts plus an exclusive interview with cricketer Andrew Strauss, who lost his wife to lung cancer, support from TV presenter Gaby Roslin, who lost her mother to lung cancer, and activity from media medics. My own mother died of lung cancer!

The campaign highlights a cough that lasts for three weeks or more could be a sign of lung cancer and encourages anyone who has this symptom to contact their GP practice.

Branches and Health and Safety Reps can also be part of the campaign by using the key messages and a range of campaign resources now available which have been expanded as this national campaign rolls out.

Key Messages:

  • If you’ve had a cough for three weeks or more, and it isn’t COVID-19, it could still be a warning sign.
  • A cough for three weeks or more could be a sign of cancer. Just contact your GP practice.
  • It’s probably nothing serious, but finding cancer early makes it more treatable.
  • Your NHS is here to see you, safely!
  • Your support spreading the messages can make a difference.

Resources available:

  • Campaign Toolkit
  • Posters
  • Social Media Statics

Lung Cancer Symptoms ‘Help Us Help You’ Website: https://campaignresources.phe.gov.uk/resources/campaigns/120-help-us-help-you—lung-cancer-symptoms-/resources


  • ‘Help Us, Help’ You Poster

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 121/21 – NHS & PHE – Help Us, Help You Lung Cancer Symptoms Awareness Campaign Launched

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