I wish to inform Branches there has been an unfortunate increase in customer harassment incidents towards our Crown Office members since the beginning of the pandemic in March. There has however been concern around under-reporting due to issues with the reporting process.

Consequently this LTB is specifically designed to encourage all members to report any threats or abuse received from aggressive customers. When an incident occurs, the normal process is the manager completes the electronic report on Dymensions, the Post Office intranet. This however has proved problematic particularly when a manager is absent from the workplace.

We must ensure all incidents are captured; therefore a new reporting process is being launched today. Following a customer harassment incident, members will now be able to record it by completing a customer harassment form. This will ensure an accurate, detailed and timely record of any unacceptable behaviour from customers.

The following Joint Statement has been published today explaining the reasons for this new approach and the process:

Customer Harassment

In a joint statement issued in January 2021 we highlighted the importance of reporting any form of harassment you or your colleagues may receive from customers.

It has come to our attention that it is not always possible to report incidents through Dymensions. Therefore we are launching a customer harassment form to compliment the usual process which can be completed by anyone in branch at the time of the incident. This will ensure that the important details are captured whilst they are still fresh in the mind.

Once the form is completed this should be stored in a secure folder and stored in the safe overnight.

The Branch Manager will then be able to follow the normal process, using these details and ensure that the incident is reported via Dymensions as soon as possible. If the Branch Manager is unavailable, the person in charge must email it to the Area Manager and the Union H&S Reps within 24 hours.
Area Managers working in conjunction with our Union H&S Representatives will be continuing to monitor any trends in the area and work with your local security manager as required.

Your safety is paramount therefore we are working together with the security team and grapevine on an app-based solution which will make reporting incidents easier and quicker. We will share more information with you as and when we can.

This process is to be reviewed in six weeks to check how this process is working. Thank you for your continued support and contribution in these exceptionally challenging times.

Steve Blampied                                   Phil Savage                                               Andy Furey     
Head of DMB Network                     Unite the Union                                       Post Office Limited
                                                                                                                                   CWU Assistant Secretary

Branches will note that the process described in the JS above includes the full involvement of our Reps who have responsibility for health and safety matters.
Branches are urged to bring this communication to the attention of our Post Office members. 

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

21LTB049 – Post Office – Customer Harassment


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