Please see below the timetable agreed by the NEC at their meeting on 21st January 2021 for the NEC elections due this year.

Nominations Open:  20 May 2021

Nominations Close:  10 June 2021 (14:00)

Accept Nomination:  14 June 2021 (14:00)

(TFSE NEC/IE positions only)

Despatch ballot material:  6 July 2021  

Close of ballot:  3 August 2021 (first post)

Result:  5 August 2021

As you will see this timetable is scheduled for later in the year than would normally be the case.

The reason for this is that the NEC has agreed that there is a need to make further changes to the structure of the NEC to continue to address the issue of proportionality.

Given that the structure of the NEC is governed internally by the appropriate Rule and externally by legislation, then in order to implement any proposed changes we would need to make changes to the CWU Rule Book.  This in turn requires us to have such rule changes agreed by a conference of the Union.

Accordingly, we are in the process of making arrangements to have a CWU virtual conference to deal with this particular issue.

We anticipate that this conference will take place towards the end of April 2021.  Any changes agreed by that conference, either proposed by the NEC or by Branches will then be incorporated into the regulations for the NEC in time to meet the above timetable.

Branches will be aware that the issue of proportionality has been under consideration for some time and the NEC believe it is now time to make more progress at NEC level to address this issue.

Branches will be advised of the date of the conference, entitlement to motions, the timetable for submission of such rule change motions once these have been agreed following discussion with the Standing Orders Committee.

Additionally, the NEC will produce a report to Branches outlining the proposals they will be making and the rationale as to why these are being made.  In order that the NEC proposals can be explained and questions from Branches can be answered, we will be holding an online event in advance of the conference.  Again, Branches will be advised of the date of this event once arrangements have been finalised.

The purpose of this LTB is simply to give Branches the formal information of when the NEC election will take place.  All other aspects of the processes outlined above that will lead to that election will be forwarded to Branches in the coming weeks.

Any enquiries on the election timetable or the proposed Rules Revision Conference should be addressed to the SDGS Department

Yours sincerely

Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

LTB 034/21

View Online


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