Branches are advised that we have reached an agreement with the Post Office for bonus payments for Travel and Mails Product Specialists for the October-December quarter. The agreement provides for a maximum possible £250 bonus for both the Mails Product Specialists and the Travel Product Specialists. As per the arrangements for the previous Quarter (Q2), these payments have been agreed despite the absence of targets as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following Joint Statement has been published:

Joint Statement

Product Specialist (PS): Quarter 3 Bonus Payment

The Coronavirus pandemic has continued to challenge our ability to set meaningful targets. We hopefully will have an update soon, but in the interim period, we need to continue a similar approach to payments as has been the case earlier in the year.

Following a review of our position after Quarter 3 (the period between October and December), the following payments will be made in January salaries:

• Travel Product Specialists – £250
• Express Mails Specialists – £250

We think this approach is fair and reflects your efforts throughout our busiest trading period.

As we’ve mentioned before, we are still planning to set targets for quarters 1,2 and 3 retrospectively and this may mean some PS will be entitled to top-up bonus payments should their overall performance have warranted higher bonus than paid for quarters 1 and 2. Also, potentially some payments made may have been too high, and therefore future quarterly payments could be reduced accordingly.

We will continue to keep this under review as we progress throughout the final quarter of the year and further discussions will take place between us to jointly review targets and ongoing performance.

Thank you again for your on-going hard work during these difficult times.

Steve Blampied                                                                                             Andy Furey
Head of Directly Managed & WHS branch network                                  Assistant Secretary
Post Office                                                                                                    CWU

I’m sure our Product Specialist members, who are doing their very best in these challenging circumstances, will welcome the Q3 payments.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

LTB 019/21 – Post Office – Product Specialist Bonus Scheme – Quarter 3 Payment


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