RM/CWU – Joint Statement Attendance on Saturday, 26th December 2020

RM/CWU – Joint Statement Attendance on Saturday, 26th December 2020

Branches and representatives will be aware that discussions with Royal Mail on the escalating Test Kit operation have been ongoing, which has included the requirement to provide a Test Kit operation on Saturday, 26th December 2020. 

Colleagues will also be aware that Saturday, 26th December has been designated a Non USO day and that the attendance on that day would be voluntary and would attract Monday to Saturday Scheduled Attendance rates. 

Take up has been slow and discussions have continued on additional remuneration to make working on this day more attractive to volunteers. These discussions have now produced the attached Joint Statement, which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive. The document outlines the provision of additional non-pensionable lump sum payments that the company is willing to offer to improve take up by our members.

The additional lump sum payment (non-pensionable) and criteria is as follows:

  • Attendances that are for four hours and beyond and up to eight hours will receive an additional lump sum payment of £38.
  • Attendances that are in excess of eight hours or more will receive an additional lump sum payment of £60.

While the initial focus was on the provision of the Test Kit service, at the request of the CWU the business has agreed to extend the payments on an exceptional basis to all OPGs, OSGs, MGV Drivers, Mail Screeners, MDECs, Processing Engineers, LA’s, Network Professional Drivers and Fleet Technicians who perform and attend on Saturday, 26th December 2020 in Royal Mail. We have clarified that this will also include Royal Mail International (RMI) and Royal Mail Specialist Services/Relay (RMSS). 

We are sure this additional payment will be welcomed by our members and we hope that it will encourage additional volunteers to attend on Saturday, 26th December 2020 to support the operation. 

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be directed to the relevant Officer with responsibility for the function concerned.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson – Assistant Secretary

Mark Baulch – Assistant Secretary

Andy Furey – Assistant Secretary

Carl Maden – Assistant Secretary (Acting)

LTB 597/20

Attachment 1 – JS Attendance on Saturday 26 December 17.12.20


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