Royal Mail Offices ‘Covid-Secure’ Safety Compliance & Container Equipment Inspection Programme Plus Inspection Check-List:

Royal Mail Offices ‘Covid-Secure’ Safety Compliance & Container Equipment Inspection Programme Plus Inspection Check-List:

Ongoing discussions have been taking place between the Health, Safety & Environment Department and Royal Mail Group regarding a range of ‘Covid-Secure’ safety compliance concerns raised by the CWU and the enforcing authorities (HSE and Local Authority EHOs).

In response, Freddie Warnock RMG UK National Operations Safety Health & Environment Strategic Business Partner has initiated a national workplace ‘Covid-Secure’ Safety Compliance & Container Equipment Inspection Programme and has produced the attached simple short ‘Inspection Check-List’ document to be completed for each site with the results recorded and fed into the Royal Mail Group ‘SMAT’ (Audit) Database.

During December all RMG SHE Advisors (BPs) have been requested to engage with CWU ASRs and plan two visits per week covering RMG Offices to check on the following with either the office manager or shift manager:

  • Social distancing requirements are being met.
  • Face masks are being worn properly.
  • Hand sanitising equipment is available and is being used.
  • Cleaning schedules are being met – checking with the cleaning manager/cleaner.
  • York Containers are being used and are being loaded and transported properly (taking photographs of good and bad practices).
  • York Containers are not being left in the yard empty instead of being repatriated – to help address the national shortage.
  • York Containers are being wrongly used for storing D2D, cardboard, cleaning materials, PPE stores or other objects – rather than the correct use for trays of mail, bags or parcels.

The findings will also be shared with the office manager and SDL for remedial action.

The proposal is that these inspections will be undertaken ‘jointly’ with RMG SHE Advisors (BPs) and CWU ASRs undertaking the health and safety Covid-Secure/Covid-Safe joint inspections and Container Inspections on a weekly basis.

Attached is a ‘Best Practice Check-List’ to be used in this joint inspection programme in order to focus on the primary important range of Coronavirus ‘Covid-Secure’ controls, plus carry out a container equipment check due to the severe shortage of York containers presently.

Would all ASRs engage with the RMG SHE Team Advisors (BPs) on this programme – which is welcomed by CWU/HQ.

This programme does not affect, alter or change in any way the CWU Area Health and Safety Reps’ normally planned and scheduled Health and Safety Inspections programme, spot check inspections or investigations etc. Likewise, the attached ‘Check List’ does not limit the reporting of any other Health and Safety inspection or investigation findings and reports by CWU ASRs during workplace visits.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 595/20 – Royal Mail Offices ‘Covid-Secure’ Safety Compliance & Container Equipment Inspection Programme Plus Inspection Check-List

Attachment – Copy of Unit Covid Equipment Inspection Sheet v1.1


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