Re: Extension to the current Terms of Reference between Royal Mail and The CWU on Deployment of an Electric Taxi Van from London Electric Vehicle Company

Re: Extension to the current Terms of Reference between Royal Mail and The CWU on Deployment of an Electric Taxi Van from London Electric Vehicle Company

Branches will recall LTB 351/20 advising the trial of an Electric Vehicle Taxi-van from the London Electric Vehicle Company based in the Midlands. This vehicle is additional to the current number of Electric Vehicle trials initiated across a number of Delivery Offices in the UK. The growing concern around vehicle emissions, pollution and the impact on health, the environment and global warming have been increasingly evident and additional focus has recently been highlighted internationally. There are circa 290 electric vehicles in the fleet that are currently testing their capabilities, which will demonstrate the impact this will have on the grid to sustain available power.

In July of this year the department agreed to further test a vehicle that is based on the London Taxi, which has world-wide recognition for durability in urban areas and replicates the stop-start collection and delivery of the current light commercial vehicle, or LCV panel vans. The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) offered Royal Mail a vehicle ‘free of charge’ to test, which has a range extender (36 litre petrol tank) and is therefore suitable for longer routes & duties, giving a total range of 340 miles and a pure EV range of 50-70 miles. This vehicle was tested in seven sites across the UK for durability and received an overall welcome by the participants in those units with constructive comments on how best to improve the vehicle.
During the trial there were no reported incidents of breakdowns and there were no issues raised with the charging process. Drivers found the unique turning circle extremely useful as well as robust and the overall driving experience proved to be very positive. The only concerns raised by drivers during the trial was toward the limited load space and a non-adjustable seat. On those comments the LEVC have returned with an updated model with added safety related measures which include:

➢ Load space increased to 5.5m cubic capacity
➢ Adjustable seat position
➢ Automatic electronic parking break
➢ Front and rear parking sensors
➢ Autonomous Emergency Braking System for pedestrians & cyclists
➢ Forward collision warning
➢ Rear and side loading doors
➢ Flat loading floor and bulkhead
➢ Up to 830kg gross payload
➢ LED cargo light

The attached visuals provide confirmation of the vehicle to be deployed in RM livery and branded with the cruciform, as well as a reference to electric branding has now been signed off, including the safety documentation. The vehicle has also been checked for suitability of collection and delivery and will be deployed in the following sites as from Monday 7th December:


All selected sites are already EV Offices with trained EV Drivers that also have charging posts installed. The deployment will again be for a limited period of 6 months in total and the department has worked closely with the National Health, Safety and Environment Officer who has confirmed the SAC1 Risk Assessments, SSoW and SWIs have been subject to consultation via the Health and Safety Department.

For any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 300, email address:

Yours sincerely,
Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 585/20 – Deployment of an Electric Taxi Van from London Electric Vehicle Company

Electric Taxi Van VN5 – 02.12.20

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