Terms of Reference for the Trial of a New P739 Card

Terms of Reference for the Trial of a New P739 Card

Royal Mail through discussions, recently informed the Outdoor department they had conducted an internal review of cards used to inform customers about undelivered items. A brief summary of their findings have been reproduced below for your information:

Royal Mail currently have four different cards to inform the customer of undelivered items (P739, P6721 Deliver to Neighbour (DTN), Snowflake and LAT and their Bilingual counterparts). These cards have remained unchanged for 6 years. An internal review has been undertaken including a benchmarking exercise with the similar cards issued by competitors to ensure the cards reflect the new services provided by Royal Mail and to also identify opportunities for consolidation onto a single card.
The review has concluded that the LAT cards will remain as current, as the standard operating procedure is to redeliver the next working day from the LAT depot. The P6721 and P67621w DTN card pads cost 42% more than the current P739 and very few offices are ordering these, instead they are using the P739 cards. Therefore, the proposal is to remove the DTN card when stocks are depleted.

The current Covid P739 card does not have CSP opening hours included and it is proposed the revised P739 will not include CSP opening hours. Customers will be directed to the RM APP/Website to identify the opening hours. For those customers who do not have internet access, the Customer Service phone number is detailed on the card. If this change proves successful it will negate the need for the Snowflake P739 card. Customer feedback will be gathered to inform this change to the card.

Accordingly, the company wishes to undertake a testing trial of the new card in 5 units included within the table below, before rolling this new card out Nationally across the UK from April 2021 onwards.

Testing Scope

From the 25th January 2021, for a period of four weeks, five units of different sizes, rural/urban/town, and SPS/non SPS offices have been selected to test the new card.

Attached to this LTB are the National agreed Terms of Reference for the trial activity, which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive, the following aspects have been covered off within this document;

• An Industrial Engineer method study will be conducted during this period in order to compare the current P739 and Delivery to Neighbour completion process, and the revised P739 will be used to evaluate if the new design would add any additional time at the doorstep.

• The role of Local managers, CWU area and local representatives (including H&S reps) will be fully involved at each test site to enable consistency and ongoing success.

• Before the introduction of initiatives, CWU Divisional Area and Local Level Representatives will be fully briefed on the initiative and on their roles within the process.

• All staff at the above offices will be briefed on the reasons for the changes to the new card design and have the opportunity to provide feedback.

• These Nationally agreed Terms of Reference will be formally reviewed at the end of test period by RM and the CWU Nationally, taking full account of all experiences and the feedback gathered jointly from CWU/RM. In addition, Royal Mail will seek the views of relevant consumer agencies/bodies to ensure that any vulnerable/elderly customer’s concerns have been considered and factored into the proposed changes.

• If the test is a success, the new stationery will be available at the beginning of April 2021. Offices will use up existing stock of cards and new cards will be issued as part of standard ordering process.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 540 email address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 569/20 – Terms of Reference for the Trial of a New P739 card

Attachment – RM Terms of Reference for the Testing Trial of a new P739 Card


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