Re: Fleet Maintenance HR1 – Redundancy Notice/Consultation

Re: Fleet Maintenance HR1 – Redundancy Notice/Consultation

The Department have been made aware Fleet Maintenance have put out a
communication, attached at Appendix A, informing our members of potential
redundancies. We believe the reason the head of Fleet has put out this communication
is to create a state of fear and anxiety for our Fleet members.

Whilst we have received a legal HR1 notice for a headcount reduction of 45 full time
positions within Fleet Maintenance, the CWU do not accept there is a requirement for
the headcount reduction and will be opposing any unagreed reduction by all means

Fleet know they have not convinced the CWU of the need for the headcount reduction
as they have been unable to provide any information we have requested. The
information was requested in meetings prior to Fleet issuing the formal HR1 notice.
Fleet’s proposal is flawed, as they have been unable to provide the basic information
we have requested and we believe it is simply a cost reduction exercise.

The information requested which Fleet have been unable to provide includes:-

 Which external contractors they use
 How many vacancies we have
 How many agency workers we have
 Costings of external contractors and agency etc.
 Quality of service for Vehicles off Road
 How many hire vehicles we use
 What are the current productivity levels
 How much maintenance is outstanding

The fact Fleet have not been able to provide this information a week after it was
requested, shows their proposal is flawed. The full letter for information we
requested is attached at Appendix B. This is information which should have been
provided and considered as part of the proposal, not requiring us to ask for it.
Despite, not providing us with this information and to date, not engaging in the
formal consultation process, Sally Warren, Head of Fleet Maintenance, still saw
it as the right thing to do to go ahead and announce there will be redundancies
in Fleet.

This announcement comes at a time in the middle of the Coronavirus Covid-19
Pandemic, where no allowance is put into their proposals for the measures we
need to put in to keep our members safe.

Their proposal is also based across the current Monday-Friday. The union and
Royal Mail are discussing measures which will see vehicles used for longer during
the week and potentially at weekend. This will obviously mean more
maintenance, however, Fleet have not factored this into their proposal. At a time
when vehicles are going to be used more, requiring more maintenance, Fleet
put a proposal to reduce headcount!

We have written to Sally Warren giving our thoughts on her actions and
reminding Fleet of their legal responsibilities to negotiate with the Union. This
letter is attached at Appendix C.

We would prefer to be negotiating rather than sharing letters in the public arena.
However, Fleet decided to announce this without informing the Union and we
felt the need respond.

To date, we have had no response from Fleet on our request for information.
Our letters make it clear, if Fleet want to engage properly, we will consider their
proposal. If they do not, we will resist compulsory redundancy by all means
possible and conflict is inevitable.

Please ensure this LTB is circulated to our Fleet Maintenance Members. We will
keep branches updated.

All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS
Department, quoting reference 404. Email address:

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden
Assistant Secretary (Acting) PTCS Department

20LTB555. Final




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