Virtual Classroom Courses – Interim Training Programme – REMINDER

Virtual Classroom Courses – Interim Training Programme – REMINDER

Your attention is drawn to the attached LTB where some of the closing dates conclude on Friday 20th November.


As restrictions due to Covid-19 continue, we are aware of a growing need for education and training to be delivered.

To this end we have arranged for a number of online (virtual classroom) courses to be delivered regionally by our Further Education Partners in the devolved nations.

We will be reviewing this programme whilst it is being delivered to consider further provision in this way during the period of the pandemic.

Application Process

Authorised applications must be received by the cut-off dates.  Branches must send an email to via the Branch Secretary only with the following information:

  • Title and date of course
  • Name of applicant
  • Branch
  • Membership number of applicant
  • Contact email address for the applicant
  • Contact mobile number
  • Any adjustments that require consideration

When applications have been received applicants MUST be registered as CWU Reps/Officers on the OLS system for applications to be processed. 

Attached is a guide on how to add Reps/Officers to the OLS for new Branch Secretaries.

The above is an interim online application procedure whilst a new process is in development.

IT, Infrastructure and learning differences

Having tested online delivery of samples of both accredited and unaccredited courses, it is crucial that the student is set up appropriately and in good time before the training commences.

The learner must preferably have access to a good PC / laptop.  Tablets can be used but have some limitation in our experience.  Attending training courses using a mobile phone is not acceptable.

There must be a stable internet connection from where the learning is taking place.

Colleges will also be in contact before the course to advise of any additional requirements.

We would appreciate Branches assistance in ensuring any applicants are prepared in line with the above points.  If any reps encounter difficulties getting set up with IT equipment in preparation for course attendance, please advise their Branch Secretary, Union Learning Rep or the Equality, Education & Development as soon as possible.

Additionally, upon application; please ensure that we are aware in good time of any adjustments that may need to be arranged such as issues relating to dyslexia or sight / hearing differences.

Release & Notice

Paid release should normally apply where the union is recognised and / or in line with any existing agreements.

Please forward any enquiries relating to this LTB to in the first instance.

Finally, we are sure that Branches appreciate that this is a particularly challenging time for all concerned, including our partner providers and therefore we acknowledge and thank you in advance for your patience with this approach.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson

Head of Equality, Education & Development

LTB 552/20 – Virtual Classroom Courses – Interim Training Programme – REMINDER

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