FREE online film screening for CWU Members

FREE online film screening for CWU Members

To: All Branches 

Dear Colleagues,

LOCKDOWN CINEMA has launched a scheme for UK Trade Unions to buy their members complimentary streaming and download tickets to watch its films.

The first film included in the scheme is ‘THE BIG MEETING’, the critically-acclaimed documentary about the legendary Durham Miners’ Gala.

We have 200 CWU promotional codes to offer on a first come first served basis. Branches can offer this code to members for a 100% discount on a virtual ticket. Tickets are usually priced @£3.49 for rental or @£6.99 for download). The film is available until 19th December.


Follow this link:

Select the option to buy the film.

Create or login to your Vimeo account

Enter the promo code: TBMTUCWU

Watch the film for FREE!

“The CWU are delighted to partner with Lockdown Cinema. I encourage our members and those interested in our movement to take the opportunity to learn more from this brilliant initiative.” Dave Ward, General Secretary

Kind regards,

Amie Retallick

Deputy Head of Communications, Engagement and Media


LTB 540/20 – FREE online film screening for CWU Members

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