Campaign to Save ULF (England) – Template Letter

Campaign to Save ULF (England) – Template Letter

You will recall LTBs 492/20 and 505/20. Also, further to our recent CWU Live session relating to
this issue, we would be grateful if Regions and Branches could make a coordinated effort to bring
the attached template letters to the attention of ULR networks and individual learners.

The template letters are self-explanatory and once completed can be emailed directly to those
people identified within it.

It would be extremely useful for members and representatives to be encouraged to send a copy of
their letters back to Branches, Regions and directly to for collation to enable us to
gauge responses.

It has to be acknowledged that the CWU response to the proposed attack on this funding has been
magnificent and noted by the TUC and wider trade union movement. Indeed, the increase in the
petition signatures culminating from our CWU Live session was noticeable. We are very grateful to
all our activists for this.

It is crucial that we continue to lobby MPs regarding this issue and we trust that Regions and
Branches will assist in this latest campaigning initiative.

Any enquiries relating to this LTB can be forwarded to equality&

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

LTB 528/20 – Campaign to Save ULF (England) – Template Letter

Template letter to MP – Generic

Template letter to MP from Learners

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