TM1 vs Actuals and ATT

TM1 vs Actuals and ATT

The Outdoor department continues to receive an increasing number of reports that proposals are being tabled by Royal Mail using a management process called ATT (Achieving the Task). In addition, Managers are unilaterally changing the TM1 for the office, including for example changing existing full time duties to part time for template purposes, whilst a full time OPG continues to perform the unchanged duty.

This is to once again remind all representatives that the ATT approach has not been agreed with the CWU and that in our view, any revision activity would be subject to the outcomes of the current National Talks which is in line with the Rebuilding Trust Joint Statement.

Equally, Representatives are also advised that we have written formally to the company, requesting that they withdraw the initiative and to cease any activity relating to it immediately. It has now also come to light that a banding system is being deployed in regions whereby offices are classified in four separate categories, reproduced below.

Category A – Tidy up only. Removing vacant duties or S/A which are not covered on overtime etc. No physical changes to duty structures or any impact on people’s duties or S/A

Category B – Tidy up. Removal of lapsed duties and formalizing the lapsing into other roles. Basically what they do now but just making it structurally set. Still no impact on people other than what they currently do.

Category C – Minor changes to structure but without needing to change people’s contracts or hours.

Category D – Structural change involving significant impact on people.

Representatives are advised to immediately enter the IR Framework in the case of any proposals or actions on the part of local managers to change the Office current TM1 establishment under ATT. We believe that this activity is without doubt more far reaching than the ‘ tidying up exercise’ being quoted by the company and that it has a direct bearing on both productivity measure discussions and any future savings opportunities currently the subject of major activity in the talks regarding the future of the company and our current dispute with the employer.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 230.03, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 508/20 – TM1 vs Actuals and ATT

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