Truth about Zane Campaign

Truth about Zane Campaign

Branches will be aware that the CWU is actively supporting the Truth about Zane campaign. The campaign is seeking to secure an independent enquiry into the death of Zane who may have died as a result of a deadly nerve agent in his home in Surrey following flooding in 2014.

On the 10th September 2020 the campaign took a significant step forward when the local Conservative council voted unanimously to back a motion which accused the Surrey coroner of a “cover-up”.

NEC Young worker member Luke Elgar who is liaising with the campaign on behalf of the CWU Nationally has recently written an article, which can be read on the CWU website, which updates branches on this important development:

On the 21st October 2020 a memorial is being hosted by the Fire Brigades Union. The memorial is being held on Zane’s birthday and speakers include Matt Wrack, Sir Keir Starmer, David Lammy MP and Professor Bill Scraton (Hillsborough The Truth). Information regarding the Zoom memorial can be found using the link:

Any queries on the contents of this LTB should be addressed to

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward

General Secretary

LTB 470/20 – Truth About Zane Campaign

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