Royal Mail Review of Future Catering Provision – Quadrant TUPE Consultation

Royal Mail Review of Future Catering Provision – Quadrant TUPE Consultation

Further to LTB 427/20 Branches and representatives are advised that consultation activity has been progressing with Quadrant in relation to the transfer of employees to Compass Group.

Via the formal TUPE consultation process a number of questions have already been raised by the department and through written exchanges Quadrant/Compass Group have confirmed the following:

  •  There will be no changes in respect of collective bargaining and individual representation for members on transfer to Compass Group and the CWU remain the recognised trade union for non-managerial roles engaged on the Royal Mail Contract. Equally, it has been confirmed that there will be no change to the IR Structure as a result of the TUPE Process.
  • Compass Group have also confirmed that RMG CWU representatives will be able to provide continued representation to affected CWU members following the transfer.
  • Union subscriptions will continue to be deducted in the same way they are processed currently.
  • Currently agreed Terms & Conditions relating to all Pay Ranges, Allowances and Overtime will be unaffected by the transfer to Compass Group.
  • All new employees engaged in the Royal Mail contract will be employed on the same T&Cs and contractual arrangements as those who TUPE across. There will be no two-tier workforce
  • The 1% increase in basic pay across all pay ranges and the resultant adjustment to Overtime rates agreed as part of the 2020 Quadrant Pay Review, will be honoured and enacted on the 1st October 2020.
  • All CWU/ Quadrant National agreements remain unaffected and will remain in place following the transfer to Compass Group. Both parties are currently compiling a list of all current National Agreements.
  • Current duty arrangements and attendance patterns will be maintained at the point of transfer and future change proposals will be subject to consultation and negotiation.
  • Existing annual leave entitlements, sick leave entitlements and Maternity/Paternity leave arrangements will remain unaffected by the transfer.
  • Staff will receive is a welcome booklet which will provide an overview of Compass Group, their values and commitments.
  • The CWU will be made of tariff/menu changes, although these are not a matter for consultation with the CWU. The next Tariff increase is scheduled for 1st October 2021.
  • On 1st October 2020, there will be no change to uniform provision or equipment. In the New Year there will be a rebranding of the canteens. This will involve new uniform, name badges etc. All employees will be invited to ‘One Amazing Day’ which will commence in January/February 2021. This will include the new look and feel of the brand, badges and uniform. Information will be shared with the CWU as it becomes available.
  • Employees currently aligned to Compass Pension arrangements will continue to benefit from existing arrangements and the transfer will not require a change of scheme or change to the level of benefits. Employees in the NEST government scheme will continue as normal and this will be governed by Government legislation.

In addition to the formal TUPE consultation activity with Compass Group the department as outlined in LTB 427/20 the department has also commenced discussions with Royal Mail Group to agree arrangements to ensure that the decision to dissolve the Joint Venture does not have any material adverse effect on our Quadrant members. Those discussions are ongoing and an update will be provided in due course.Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.orgquoting reference: 311.02

Yours sincerely,

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 441/20

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