Branches may be aware that the National Executive of the Labour Party met in May and decided to cancel this year’s Labour Party Conference owing to the Coronavirus crisis.  In recent weeks, the Party has replaced the Conference with a virtual event titled ‘Labour Connected.’  We understand that this decision was not taken lightly, but was made in the best interest of staff and attendees owing to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The online ‘Connected’ event will run from Saturday, 19th September to Tuesday, 22nd September.  This event will not be a decision-making conference, and there will be no formal delegations.  ‘Women Connected’ will launch on Saturday as an opportunity for women in the Labour Party to discuss and debate policy ideas and topical issues and take part in training sessions. 

In a letter to Party members, the new Labour General Secretary noted: ‘From your home, you can see inspiring speeches and take part in invaluable training, hear from key figures in our movement at panels and rallies, join in the debate at policy discussions and connect with a range of businesses, charities, think tanks and trade unions in our virtual expo.’

As there are no formal delegations, it is up to individual members to register for the event. There is no requirement to do so, and members can pick and choose the sessions they wish to attend.  Senior members of the Union will be making contributions throughout the event, so we advise branches to look out for our promotion regarding these events to ensure a strong CWU attendance.

The link for signing up is available here, but members should also check social media and follow links there if easier:

Any further queries should be directed to Liam Young in the General Secretary’s office via

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary


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