NPC Extend the furlough scheme for high-risk people


Extend the furlough scheme
for high-risk people

On 1st August, the Government officially pauses their support for shielders and they have been told they are to return to work. This means that if shielders can’t work from home, they should go to their workplace if it is ‘Covid-safe’.

The NPC is backing Age UK’s campaign calling on the Government to keep furlough going beyond August for those who are shielding or high-risk and cannot safely return to work.

We fear thousands of shielding workers will end up losing their jobs because they can’t return to them safely. These people have made a lot of sacrifices to protect the NHS as well as themselves, and they shouldn’t have to lose their jobs as well.

That’s why, along with a coalition of charities, we’re supporting the call on the Government to protect jobs by extending furlough for high-risk and shielding workers.

Extending furlough means that workers will have a job to return to and employers are not left to carry the wage bill. This is the best way for the Government to protect these people of all ages who have played such an important part in beating back the virus and protecting the NHS.


The Age UK petition can be signed online at:

Further details about the campaign can be found on:

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