Scale Payment Delivery Offices (SPDO) Relocations – CWU Proposed Closures/Relocations

Scale Payment Delivery Offices (SPDO) Relocations – CWU Proposed Closures/Relocations

You will be aware that the Outdoor Department has been in dialogue with Royal Mail for some time now regarding the SPDO estate and potential SPDO closures/relocations.

Due to the recent funding and IR issues that existed both as a consequence of the previous CEOs stance and the Covid-19 implications, additional proposed SPDO closures/relocations have not been pursued during this period, apart from the SPDOs where notice of Royal Mail withdrawal has been served on the Postmaster.

However, as funding for Postmaster’s compensation packages has now been secured for further relocations this financial year and as the Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being relaxed, Royal Mail are now looking to re-engage discussions at local level, which had previously been raised. Additionally, the Outdoor Department has now been supplied a further list of SPDOs that the business is looking at, to commence local discussions regarding closures and relocations of indoor operations.

Due to the commercial sensitivity of some of these discussions, we are unable to replicate the individually named SPDOs. As a consequence of this, Mike Newport who is dealing with SPDO matters on behalf of the Outdoor department, will be, or already has contacted the respective Area Delivery Rep or Branch where SPDOs appear on this new list of potential closures / relocations.

Royal Mail has also indicated that where the CWU may want management to consider additional proposed SPDO relocations, that the names of these SPDOs should be brought forward in order for this dialogue to commence accordingly and in line with the Nationally agreed process.

Given the above, we are advising Branches that if you want Royal Mail to consider additional SPDO relocations / closures proposed by the Branch, that names of these SPDOs should be forwarded to Mike Newport, who will then supply the information to Royal Mail. Mike can be contacted on 07884 454547or;

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 535.17, email address:

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 365/20 – SPDO Relocations 09.07.20

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