Coronavirus Update – Changes are coming to the coronavirus policy approach, Reminder – Social surcharges process recommences. 23 June 2020

Coronavirus Update – Changes are coming to the coronavirus policy approach, Reminder – Social surcharges process recommences

23 June 2020

Changes are coming to the coronavirus policy approach

Over the last few weeks we have started to see changes as the Government’s recovery strategy unfolds. We have completed the latest policy review in this context and over the coming weeks we expect to see changes to the policy approaches we have taken.

Our current policy approach and changes are outlined below. We expect the changes to take place from 1st August, however we will review if public health advice changes.

Sick Pay – employees with less than a year’s service

·        In response to coronavirus and supporting our employees, we temporarily changed the sick pay for employees with less than a year’s service.  Where the absence is related to coronavirus, these employees will receive the same sick pay as employees with over a year’s service.

·        This will be in place until end of July 2020. Our current expectation is that our normal approach to sick pay will apply for employees with less than a year’s service from 1st August 2020.


·        For those colleagues with a Furlough agreement as they are unable to come to work for public health reasons (“shielding self” or “shielding others”). The furlough period will be extended until end of July 2020 providing employees have resubmitted appropriate evidence of the need to continue to “shield”.  After end of July, we anticipate that our approach to furlough will change which is consistent with the Government’s announcement. Colleagues on furlough will be contacted individually.

Colleagues looking after dependant

·        Where a colleague has to look after a dependant, such as a child, our normal approach applies. Colleagues can work flexibly, take holiday or unpaid time off. There are a range of options that can be considered, for example working on a different shift or day, or at a different time. They should discuss and agree with their manager.

Rowland Hill Fund

·        We have provided additional monies to the Rowland Hill Fund in order to give short-term support for our employees. The aim is to help employees who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of covid-19.

o   Employees can apply by sending an email to with their name, pay number and contact telephone number.  An advisor will contact them within 24 hours to discuss their situation with them and whether help is available at this time.

Reminder – Social surcharges process recommences

At the start of the pandemic, we made the decision to stop raising social surcharge fees. This temporary measure was put in place to align with safety measures and government advice, reducing customer visits to our Customer Service Points (CSPs).

Based on changes to government and health guidelines, and safety measures put in place within CSPs, social surcharges resumed from Monday 22 June 2020. This means Processing & Collections colleagues can again extract all items that are underpaid and pass to RP for surcharging. Delivery offices and their Customer Service Points will now start to receive surcharged items.

Customs charge fees have continued to be collected, however customers have been signposted to pay online and book a redelivery of Customs Charge items. This was done by providing CSPs with labels to be placed over the opening hours on the FeetoPay cards. The label contained a message which informed customers to stay home, pay online, collect only if essential and check latest opening hours online or via the RM app. This process should now also be applied to the social surcharge items handled in CSPs.

Download the app

To download the employee app – designed especially for colleagues – visit on your mobile device and follow the instructions. 

The latest version of the coronavirus Q&As is available via the SHE intranet page and on

There is also a dedicated Coronavirus helpline for managers on 0345 604 3657 and you can send an email to 

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