Coronavirus Covid-19 Issues – CWU Courses (2)

Coronavirus Covid-19 Issues – CWU Courses (2)

Further to LTB 148/20, we are pleased to report that students attending Certificate courses in Occupational Health & Safety and Employment Law are being given the opportunity to complete their studies (online) through Ruskin College before the end of the Academic Year. 

Meetings are continuing with our Partner College/s to further explore ways of progressing an accredited activist education and training programme given the continuing restrictions. 

It should be noted that accredited classroom based training and education provides numerous advantages for the trade union movement. It affords us legally binding release agreements and compliance within trade union legislation. 

As some school children return under strict controls and certain other restrictions are easing, it is crucial that the CWU remain consistently clear in our approach. 

Therefore, any and all classroom based training is not to take place until further notice. This is the case for both activist training (regional or residential); and lifelong learning for members e.g. within our many CWU Learning Centres. 

Branch Union Learning Centres exist both within employers’ premises and CWU owned property. Looking to the mid-term future we are working on a generic risk assessment for both. This will not replace the employers own risk assessment – but it may compliment it and assist Branches. 

We will continue to offer bespoke, unaccredited and informal zoom workshops on a regular and focused way as well as those on CWU Left-Click and outlined in LTB 148/20

We will of course continue to review the situation as developments progress. 

Yours sincerely, 

Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

LTB 293/20 – Coronavirus-Covid-19-Issues – CWU-Courses update 2

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