BT Personnel – Conference Motion 42 – Domestic Violence

BT Personnel – Conference Motion 42 – Domestic Violence

Colleagues may remember Motion 42 (attached) from Conference 2019. The Personnel Team has been pursuing the instruction contained within Motion 42 for the past twelve months. Despite some difficulties with persuading the company that domestic violence is a significant issue for society and therefore CWU members, the company has agreed a domestic abuse guidance document (attached). Although not fully achieving the intent of Motion 42 at present, the Personnel Team believe the guidance contained within the attached document is a start to fully achieving the policy and worthy to be published to Branches and members.

The guidance contains information on what domestic abuse is, how to identify the signs of domestic abuse, and what to do if members are suffering from abuse and where to seek help. The help of the Equality Education and Development Department at Headquarters has been invaluable to helping the Personnel Team in our discussions with BT.

Although the guidance references the COVID-19 crisis, the document will be updated once the crisis has passed. The Personnel Team has also made it clear to the company that we will be pursing the full intent of Motion 42, and that we will still believe that this extremely important issue should have the status of a company policy and not just guidance.

The Personnel Team would be grateful if you could circulate the content of this letter to members

Any queries on this matter should be addressed to my office at CWU HQ.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Jukes
Assistant Secretary

LTB 291/2020
Attachment 1 – LTB 291/2020
Attachment 2 – LTB 291/2020

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