The purpose of this LTB is to advise Branches that as part of Redesign and the ongoing reorganisation of CWU Headquarters, we are jointly developing a wider strategic role for Health, Safety and wellbeing within our Central Services team.

This will enable the union to develop a clearer forward agenda and have greater influence in Government, legal, societal and TUC developments in the field of health, safety & wellbeing.

Crucially, it will also provide the platform for consistent policy development, guidance and expertise being utilised across the whole union, in support of our industrial constituencies and our new Regional structures.

This more strategic approach in our Central Services team will also mean clearer defined responsibilities for day-to-day industrial health, safety & wellbeing work within the Industrial Executives.

Currently, we operate different approaches within the Postal and T&FS Constituencies and before the transition to the wider strategic role, we will be discussing with the DGS (P) and DGS (T&FS) the most consistent and effective way of undertaking our industrial health & safety work, whilst also harnessing the strengths of the overall union and the Central Services team, for the benefits of all members.

This type of approach has already been discussed with senior Health and Safety representatives and we will continue to take their valuable input as we begin the process of transition and the work will now commence to define the lines between strategic and industrial work, alongside better coordination between both.

As part of this, next week, we will hold a Zoom meeting for Health and Safety Representatives and Branches, where we can discuss the direction we are taking, as well as taking this opportunity for a wider discussion on the COVID19 pandemic and the approach the Government will be announcing on Sunday to ease the current lockdown.

Details on the date, time and how to access this Zoom meeting will be sent out in due course.

Any enquiries on the Redesign approach to the, specific enquiries on Health, Safety & Wellbeing matters to

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward – General Secretary                                    

Dave Joyce – National Health, Safety and Environment Officer


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