COVID–19 Test Kits Initiatives Update

COVID–19 Test Kits Initiatives Update

Branches and representatives will be aware that Covid-19 testing services are now being made available via different access points. In this regard the CWU has been engaging with RMG on a cross departmental basis, to ensure that the services that are being provided for key workers, through various initiatives on behalf of the Government/NHS, are collected and processed quickly and safely.

Attached for information at Annex A is a Joint Communication, which provides an update in respect of the current status of the Covid-19 testing initiatives.

As detailed in the attached update colleagues will note that one of the initiatives being provided by Royal Mail on behalf of the Government/NHS is a Home Collection service. Currently the Royal Mail owned eCourier service are collecting Covid-19 Test Kits from home addresses and delivering them to Mail Centres, for onward processing and delivery by Royal Mail to laboratories.

Due to the expanding demand for Home Collection test kits consideration is being given to the introduction of the collection element by Royal Mail employees, as eCourier have limited capacity to provide the service. Discussions have therefore been taking place with the business in this regard and pilot activity has been agreed to be undertaken in the TR area. The pilot agreement is included at Annex B. Branches and representatives will be kept updated in relation to the pilot and in regard to the operational arrangements for the deployment of the service on a wider basis going forward.

The Safe Systems of Work for the home collection of these items is also attached as below:

Annex C: Delivery & Collection Service
Annex D: Doorstep Collection Service

Equally, as demand for the Home Collection service increases additional Mail Centres/RDC’s will be coming on line and utilising the Tracked Returns process. Attached for assistance are the relevant SSoW and Standard Operating Procedures for the Processing function:

Annex E: SSOW Processing
Annex F: CV2 Outward Primary Sort RM Tracked
Annex G: CV3 Process and Scan Tracked Returns 24 Covid19 Test Packs 
Annex H: CV4 Delivery to Covid19 Test Pack Lab

We appreciate that members will have concerns in relation to the handling of the test kits and we believe that every effort has been made to ensure that maximum protections are being provided. However, all activity relating to testing initiatives will continued to be monitored at National level.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:

Processing & Area Distribution: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 014.14

Delivery & Collections: Mark Baulch, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 600

Health & Safety: Ray Ellis, Acting Head of Health & Safety, quoting reference E1/20

Yours sincerely,

Davie Robertson 
Assistant Secretary

Mark Baulch 
Assistant Secretary

Ray Ellis
Acting Head of Health & Safety

LTB 242/20
Annex A – Joint Communication Test Kits – 05.05.20
Annex B – COVID Home Collection_TR Document_Final
Annex C – COVID 19 Test Kit SSOW Deliveries and Collections
Annex D – COVID 19 Test Kit SSOW Doorstep Collections
Annex E- COVID 19 Test Kit SSOW Processing
Annex F – CV2 Outward Primary Sort RM Tracked
Annex G – CV3 Process and Scan Tracked Returns 24 Covid19 Test Packs
Annex H- CV4 Delivery to Covid19 Test Pack Lab

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