Quadrant Furlough

Quadrant Furlough

The department were recently informed by Quadrant Catering that, in line with the policy of Compass Group, due to impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had on footfall and revenue in Quadrant Canteens that they intended to Furlough in the region of 80 frontline employees.

The department immediately sought legal advice on the proposal and engaged with the company to ensure that any Furlough arrangements fully protected the affected membership and ensured continuity of service at our Quadrant units. In doing so, we have sought to address potential issues that may be created by the activity and through discussions persuaded Quadrant to apply an equitable process.

Arrangements were concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive earlier this week and the department were awaiting confirmation from the business on the timing of their comms to ensure that the respective communications were coordinated. Unfortunately, we understand that the business progressed local briefings prior to the National notification, which is regrettable.

To ensure that no individual is considered surplus, at affected sites Furlough will be enacted on a rotational basis. Quadrant have informed us that they have produced a rota, which will be communicated verbally to all affected units today. This will be followed by individual letters being sent out to affected employees next week.

Quadrant will Furlough each of the affected employees on a rotational 4 week period commencing Monday 4th May 2020.

The Furlough would only apply to units:

1) Where all employees in a unit can be furloughed
2) Where current levels of sickness allow
3) Where there had been the ability to produce a rota to accommodate Furlough
4) Where RMG have decided to close the sites e.g. Call Centres (yet to be confirmed by RMG) 4) Where there has been a significant sales decline

If RMG decide to close the Call Centres all staff will be furloughed in those sites for a period of 8 weeks.

The Furlough will take place in two tranches of 40 employees. However, should Call Centres be closed the numbers being Furloughed will be 100 and this will increase the two tranches to 50 employees. . The catering units where staff are Furloughed will still provide the takeaway service, as is currently available.

In respect of Furlough pay Quadrant have confirmed that they will top up the Government 80% by 20% in order that all affected employees receive their usual basic pay. The business has also confirmed that affected individuals will continue to be entitled to all of the non-discretionary benefits of their contract, and annual leave will continue to accrue in the usual way. It is expected that individuals will return to work on their current terms of employment at the end of the Furlough period (or before if the situation changes) and there will be no break in service.

In respect of 12 week shielded employees who can produce a Government/NHS letter, these will also be Furloughed on the terms above. Quadrant will be making contact with those affected on an individual basis.

In addition to the above the department made representation that due to the need to fulfil operational requirements there will be some Quadrant employees who will remain at work throughout the Covid- 19 crisis. Following discussion it has been agreed that there should be some recognition for the work that these individuals will continue to perform in what are very difficult and exceptional circumstances. Therefore employees who are not Furloughed will receive 1 days additional leave (for this year only) to be taken in line with usual leave authorisation protocols.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.org quoting reference 014.14

Yours sincerely,

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 236/20

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