I would like to advise Branches and members that we have been in regular dialogue with both Post Office and the Trustee of the Royal Mail Pension Plan with regards to the pension schemes for Post Office members. In this regard, we have today published a Tripartite Statement with Post Office and Unite which provides an update on the activities we have been discussing and highlights the following three key communications which members of the various schemes will receive in the coming days:

1. Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP) – Newsletter 

The 8 page RMPP Spring Newsletter in its usual colour format will be arriving on doorsteps from Saturday 25th April onwards.

2. Post Office Pension Plan (Scottish Widows DC Scheme) – Newsletter 

A new Newsletter from the Governance Group of the Post Office Pension Plan, which includes representatives from CWU and Unite, will be published in the next week to ten days.

3. Post Office Pension Plan (Scottish Widows DC Scheme) – Annual Benefits statements 

The annual benefits statements showing the value of the funds in members’ Defined Contribution Post Office Pension Plans will be sent to home addresses from Scottish Widows in mid-May

The Tripartite Statement is attached and further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey 

Assistant Secretary

20LTB225 – Post Office – Pensions Update – Communications

Attachment 1 – Pensions Joint Statement May 2020 FINAL

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