COVID–19 Test Kit Returns Using Incorrect Business Reply Or Freepost Service 

COVID–19 Test Kit Returns Using Incorrect Business Reply Or Freepost Service

Branches and representatives will be aware that Covid-19 testing services are now being made available via different access points. In this regard the CWU has been engaging with RMG on a cross departmental basis, to ensure that the services that are being provided, through different initiatives on behalf of the Government/NHS, are collected and processed quickly and safely.

In addition to the Government/NHS testing initiatives however there are also private companies who are using the RM network to supply test kits to members of the public, These items will be packaged in line with Covid-19 Test Kits and other Biological Substances using UN3373 packaging and Patient Specimens.

It has come to light however that some customers have incorrectly been using the RM Business Reply or Freepost service, rather than the Tracked Returns service. The business have therefore issued the attached guidance to ensure that such items are identifiable and treated as a priority service.

Royal Mail are keen to address any incorrect labelling with the customers concerned at the earliest opportunity. They have therefore requested that the CWU provide assistance by notifying them of any instances of incorrect labelling that are identified, in order that they can address any issues with the customer and ensure that the correct processes are being adhered to.

Branches and representatives are therefore requested to ensure that our members are made aware of this LTB and that in line with the attached guidance any instances of incorrectly labelled items are reported immediately.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:

Health & Safety: Ray Ellis, Acting Head of Health & Safety, quoting reference E1/20.

Processing & Area Distribution: Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 014.14.

Delivery & Collections: Mark Baulch, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 600.

Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis – Acting Head of Health & Safety

Davie Robertson – Assistant Secretary

Mark Baulch – Assistant Secretary

LTB 222.20 – COVID-19 Test Kit Returns Using Incorrect Business Reply Or Freepost Service

Testing Kits Using Response Labels Managers Brief_Final

Testing Kits Using Response Labels SDL Brief_Final April 2020

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