Legal Services Department

Legal Services Department

During the current COVID-19 pandemic we are only able to provide a reduced service to our members whilst working from home.

The Courts and Tribunal services are also operating a very limited service with many personal injury compensation claims and employment tribunal applications being placed on hold, or alternative dates are being arranged for hearings to be completed.

The whole of the legal system is being affected by the current situation and in order to protect our members’ position the following advice should be followed.

New Employment Tribunal Applications

Members should continue this process by first registering online a claim via ACAS Early Conciliation Scheme, as per usual.

Applications to the Employment Tribunal (again online), should be made using form ET1.

Copies of all correspondence should be sent to the Legal Services Department using the following email address:

Existing Employment Tribunal Claims

Members and Branches should continue to send copies of all relevant correspondence via the same email address as above.

New and Existing Personal Injury Claims

Members and Branches should continue to send all relevant correspondence to the Legal Services Department using the following email address:

I am also aware that correspondence relating to all legal services issues may have been sent to CWU HQ, just prior to the office going into lockdown on Friday 20th March 2020 and, as such, would not have been processed.

Therefore, could Branches please resend copies of all such correspondence, via the email addresses listed above.  If Branches have sent original LS3 forms and have not retained a copy, members are advised to submit a fresh claim via our CWU website, click on Unionline, to make a claim.  Alternatively, members can go direct to the Unionline website to register a personal injury claim at

Any correspondence sent via the post since the above date has not been dealt with due to the closure of CWU HQ.

Our staff at Unionline are also working from home and are processing all aspects of our members’ claims. If any member, or Branch Officer, requires an update please contact the Legal Services Department, in the first instance, (via our employment and personal injury email addresses detailed above) and we will deal with the enquiry.

If you have any further enquiries regarding the above then please contact Tony Rupa, Head of Legal Services, via email

Yours sincerely

Tony Rupa


LTB 217 2020 Legal Services Department

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