We are writing to inform you that the CWU have designated Wednesday 29th April 2020 as National Postal Workers Day.  As you know we hold this event annually and create an opportunity to promote the fantastic work our members do all year round, but it is particularly pertinent this year during this crisis.

Nationally, the union will be undertaking a significant programme of work, including media articles, social media engagement, videos and working with MPs and the wider trade union movement.

Alongside engaging with this work, we are also calling on branches to develop your own local strategies to mark the day.  To support this, posters have been dispatched to every postal branch and by the end of this week we will share graphics and model press releases which you can use to work the media locally in your areas.

This event will mark the ninth annual National Postal Workers Day, when the nation celebrates the hard work and dedication of hundreds of thousands of postal workers, who collect, sort and deliver letters, parcels and packets to 29 million addresses, 6 days a week.

We are living in unprecedented times but two things always remain constant – the strength of this union at all levels and the role our members play in every community in the UK – let’s celebrate both on 29th April.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward                                                    Terry Pullinger

General Secretary  Deputy General Secretary (P)

LTB 216/20

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