Learning Resources from the CWU

Learning Resources from the CWU

Branches and their Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) may find the information and educational resources outlined below useful for representatives and members to access during the ongoing COVID 19 restrictions. 

The Equality, Education & Development Department are determined to continue to support our ULR networks and collectively share best practice and support with learning and development opportunities in line with trade union values. 

It is well understood that education and the process of learning can assist in improving mental health problems during times of crisis or high stress. It can provide focus and positivity when many other social interaction options are restricted. 

Whilst there are many online learning resources available the following list includes links endorsed by some of our ULRs as well as those that are accessible through our in-house learning platform CWU Left-Click. 

CWU Left-Click has recently been upgraded and additional work continues to upgrade the navigation and look and feel of the site. Feedback so far has been positive and we are encouraging existing users and those yet to sign up to pay a visit. It is a straightforward process requiring only an e-mail address and membership number to set up an account. Once logged on, any course signed up for can be accessed from the “My Courses” section. Your Branch ULR can assist if necessary. 

Learning Resources available:

Coping with Covid-19

The CWU has created a new course space on Left-Click which pulls together a range of resources aimed at helping representatives, members and their families cope with the pressure of the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

Coping with Covid-19

Home Schooling Support

The CWU Scottish Regional Learning Committee and North West Regional Learning Committee have both pulled together a number of resources to assist with home schooling. 

They are applicable across the UK 


Creative Courses

A new range of 5 different creative courses have been added to CWU Left-Click. These all feature free-to-download software, meaning that representatives and members can improve their creative skills free of charge. 


English, Maths & ICT

Sigma has funding to run free English, Maths and ICT courses in London and the East Midlands. It is hoped that the West Midlands will follow soon. These courses can be delivered completely remotely during lockdown. https://youtu.be/OeIxqTPV4Zg 

Vocational Qualifications

The Skills Network deliver courses across England and Scotland but (in common with other providers) they have been experiencing problems maintaining full coverage since devolution of English Further Education funding to local authorities. If members express interest but their area is not currently covered, they will be offered two complimentary CPD courses while The Skills Network seeks to negotiate funding. 


Learning on your phone

Through their partnership with the TUC Unionlearn – Wranx are increasing their offer during lockdown. They provide online bite-sized training that can be accessed on any mobile device. Highly recommended 


2020 CWU Photo & Poetry Competition

Many people have been recording their experiences of the current situation on their cameras or through song and poetry. 

The Equality, Education & Development Department has decided to make this the theme of our competition this year to acknowledge and applaud the work our members are doing to keep the country running. In order to maximise opportunities for people to participate we have also opened it out to include photography and poetry. Please participate and encourage all members to do likewise. 


We are keen to amass as many resources as possible to help our representatives and members through this difficult time and will be publicising further information through our webpages, social media channels and ULR networks. We would be grateful when circulating any links to online courses that you also add the survey link below. 

It enables us to gain feedback and also generates learning outcomes for our Union Learning Fund project in what will be a very difficult year. 

https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DZMFZ37?fbclid=IwAR3FQW_MrmsA2FUHdiqQ4TsVjbYT0sD VVOYr2KTgCzbWeZnVGyDu2TRvJg4 

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the Equality, Education & Development Department at equality&education@cwu.org 

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hudson
Head of Equality, Education & Development

20LTB 209 – Learning Resources

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