Branches are advised I wrote to Nick Read, CEO on 24th March to propose that during this national emergency there should be a six month moratorium on the franchising/closure of all Crown Offices. A copy of my letter is attached for information.

Today I received a response to my proposal from Tracy Marshall, Network Development Director, (attached) in which she confirms there will be no further announcements for franchising of Crowns for the next three months (no announcements were made during March). Whilst this is relatively good news in the short term, I am disappointed the Post Office hasn’t gone further than three months. This message to our members clearly indicates that franchising is still very much part of the Post Office’s future plans. This is despite the fact Crowns are proving so vitally important during this crisis.

Tracy Marshall also confirmed the three Crowns which have not yet had a date of transfer confirmed, Great Portland St, North Walsham and Stockport, will not have a final operating date announced for three months. Unfortunately, for the seven other Crowns which are towards the end of the process for franchising, the Post Office will be “continuing to work towards these transfer dates” which are expected to be later this month.

Our Representatives have been informed of this development and we will continue to monitor the situation regarding future franchising in light of the Coronavirus emergency and will make further representations to the Post Office where appropriate.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

20LTB179 Post Office – Three Month Moratorium on Crown Office Franchising

Attachment 1 

Attachment 2

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