Covid-19 Update – BT Property and Facilities Services

Covid-19 Update – BT Property and Facilities Services

Further to LTB 122/2020 the CWU has been in continuing discussions with BT Property & Facilities Services and CBRE regarding their arrangements for dealing with the coronavirus.

Please see below a summary of the measures and arrangements which are in place across the BT estate.

There are 150 critical sites across the BT estate that will receive additional touch point cleaning.  The top 50 of these sites will receive specific cleaning due their critical role. The selection criterion combines both the building criticality and occupancy. Efforts have shifted to cleaning intensification at the key occupied workplaces and additional resource has been provided via the cleaning company SBFM and is in addition to the normal services provided by ISS.

At Voice Services sites (999 operational sites which are in the top 50) priority 24/7 cleaning has been mobilised to give full support to the vital role which these operational sites provide.

Enhanced cleaning is taking place across the more densely occupied sites, targeting high touch surfaces in communal areas such as reception, lift lobbies/buttons, light switches, phones, door handles, stairways, restaurants, toilets, breakout areas, light switches, taps, toilet, stairwells etc.

At locations with a full-time housekeeping presence more frequent checks of washrooms is  taking place to ensure cleanliness and the availability of consumables such as hand soap, toilet roll and paper towels.

A cleaning/consumable stock management process is in place nationally.  Additional consumables such as soap, toilet paper and hand towels are being stored across regional hub locations.

Building signage regarding washing hands, covering coughs and keeping the workplace clean have been distributed and displayed

To support with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, the on-site housekeeping teams are able to disinfect impacted areas.  In isolated cases, there is an option to carry out a full decontamination of the workplace to allow safe re-occupation.  In the event of a confirmed case decontamination cleaning will be coordinated using specialist teams and equipment.

There are four levels of cleaning being followed across the estate:-
L1 – L4 cleaning definitions

·       Level 1: Standard Contracted Cleaning – Delivery of cleaning in line with agreed contract specification.

·       Level 2: Enhanced Touch Point Cleaning – An increase to standard cleaning targeting specific touchpoints as a preventative and control measure.

·       Level 3: Local Disinfection Clean – Where BT requests a targeted disinfection of a workstation or nominated area.

·       Level 4: Full Decontamination Electrostatic Spray (Fogging) – Where BT requests a targeted treatment of a nominated building, floor or area.

New front of house visitor health screening checks and social distancing measures have been put in place.  Teams will now be asking key questions to visitors. Questions are set to identify if any visitors are at risk of carrying infection and will prevent entry if there is a risk.

Sit down restaurant services are now closed.
the current headlines are:
·       Free meals to contact centre staff commenced back end of last week. Over 6,500 meals have been issued to date.
·       Seeking to expand free food to other non-catered sites from this week. (Barrow, Stoke, Sandwell & Aberdeen)
·       PlusNet trialling a “grab & go” free food throughout the day which is landing well onsite.

Faults should still be reported via the normal process however during the Covid-19 crisis however it is expected that there may be resource challenges.
If consumables, such as toilet paper, soap etc. is running low these should be reported. These jobs have been increased to a level 2 priority from a level 3 for operational sites.

Further reports will be issued as information becomes available.

Yours sincerely,

Brendan O’Brien – Assistant Secretary
Tracey Fussey & Dave Tee – Executive Members
BT Property & Estates Team

LTB 175.20

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