Royal Mails decision to amend the opening times of Callers Offices

Please see the attached Royal Mail communication regarding the Customer Service points and the planned reduced opening hours from Monday 6th of April.

Royal Mail management have once again decided to communicate another operational change as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic without discussing the details and the impacts that this will have for our members with the Union at a National level. 

We have constantly made it clear to the company that the way that are conducting themselves by communicating directly to the frontline without sharing and discussing these operational changes with us is not acceptable. We have also made our position clear to the company that these actions are just causing more undue stress and anxiety for our members at a time when everyone is already under immense pressure and therefore they must cease from doing this.

In relation to the communication we have therefore raised the following questions and issues with Royal Mail, accepting that there will also be other issues that will need to be clarified; 

  • What is the impact on individuals contracted hours particularly with the closing of units on Wednesday and Sunday?
  • will the whole office be closed,
  • what happens to individuals who aren’t able to do other tasks like delivery
  • who are the largest 100 CSPs at the link cannot be actioned and what is the criteria
  • Confirmation that the current S/A’s and Earnings for individuals will be maintained
  • What is the  impact on the indoor booking in system 
  • Ceasing cash payments due to spreading the virus

Further information will be provided to you as soon as it becomes available and the issues as above are clarified.

Kind Regards,


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