Royal Mail Group Attendance Procedure Issues linked to the Coronavirus.

Royal Mail Group Attendance Procedure

In the last few weeks we have been in negotiations with Royal Mail on attendance issues linked to the Coronavirus.

(9th March 2020 we wrote – RM responded 12th March, we met on 13th March and implemented 16th March. – At this point, Maximum isolation period 14 days).

(Over the weekend of 20th March 2020, Government announce vulnerable people need to self-isolate for 12 weeks. Again we wrote to RM on 23rd March, requesting the review be brought forward due to this change. Royal Mail were not prepared to move the review date forward.)

We took the initiative and wrote to Royal Mail requesting:

·       Members with less than 12 months service will get paid sick leave for Coronavirus Covid-19 sick absence

·       Any sick absence due to Coronavirus Covid-19 absences to be discounted from the Attendance Procedure

·       Members who are on half / no pay – get full pay for Coronavirus Covid-19 sick absence.

·       Where members have to take time off to look after dependents – Paid Special Leave.
·       We have secured:

  • Full pay for members isolating with coronavirus symptoms – including those who have worked for RM for under a year
  • Full pay for members falling into the vulnerable category (as defined by receiving government letter) for 12 weeks isolation
  • Coronavirus sickness absence to be discounted from the attendance agreement.
    We are in disagreement over:
  • Royal Mail do not want to offer pay to those who isolate due to vulnerable person being part of their household
  • Royal Mail do not want to offer FULL pay to Members who  are on half / no pay having exhausted sick pay due to being ill previously.
    To be absolutely clear we are not in agreement with Royal Mail on these issues and will press them again ‪tomorrow morning‬. I will be able to update members ‪at 4pm tomorrow‬ (Monday) on our Facebook Live Q&A.
    Carl Maden
Acting Assistant Secretary

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