Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Latest Questions & Answers Guidance (V16) Dated 21 March 2020

Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Latest Questions & Answers Guidance (V16) Dated 21 March 2020

Royal Mail Questions & Answers Guidance:

Royal Mail Group has established a ‘Business Pandemic Team’ which includes all heads of department and this team meets daily to review the situation across Royal Mail Group and update communications to Managers and Questions and Answers information which is cascaded out to the business.

Attached for the information, reference and use of CWU Health and Safety and Branch IR Reps is the latest version of Royal Mail Group’s ‘questions and answers’ communication version 16 (21 March 2020). These are normally circulated to all RMG managers and are also available to access through a link in the ‘Managers Update Messages’.

Main Topics covered:

  • Coronavirus Guidance – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, a) Prevention, b) Self-isolation, testing and reporting, c) Cleaning and consumables, d) Travel, e) Support and advice
  • Coronavirus Sick Absence and Pay
  • Post and Parcels; General Ops Advice, Operational Processes and Reporting Changes, Delivering and collecting from customers.
  • There is guidance in there on use of water fountains and water dispensers.
  • Gym Closures.

Positive Coronavirus Covid-19 Cases in Royal Mail:

Positive Cases in Royal Mail now stand at 9 – Manchester NWDO, Portabello DO (Edinburgh), Edinburgh MC, Abingdon DO, NDC, Mount Pleasant MC (W1 Collections), Eastleigh DO, Romford MC and Atherstone RMI.

Important Useful Links:

Check if you have coronavirus symptoms:

My Royalmail.Com site includes the latest Q&A and general detail:

Public Health England latest advice and guidance:

NHS common questions and answers:

Reporting a Positive Coronavirus Case:

If a member has a positive Coronavirus diagnosis, the line manager must contact Royal Mail Central Postal Control (CPC) on: 0345 266 1060.

Good Hygiene:

It is important that everyone follows basic good hygiene techniques. Wash hands regularly particularly before eating. Regularly clean with antiseptic wipes any shared equipment such as keyboards, PDA’s and scanners. Cough and sneeze into tissues. Dispose of any tissues immediately. ‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’.

PPE Supplies

There is a Global shortage of ‘disinfectant wipes’ and Royal Mail Assets and Procurement have been endeavouring to secure replenishment supplies from a large number of suppliers. The priority by the industry has been to direct supplies to the NHS first. Some supplies have been secured by Royal Mail which have been despatched but a substantial order of 6 million wipes in packs of 300 should arrive in at the end of next month followed by monthly deliveries of 10,000 wipes.

Royal Mail First Class Support:

First Class Support is available to all Royal Mail Group Employees free 24/7 providing a confidential support helpline 0800 6888 777 as well as a range of support services including health, counselling, debt and legal advice and practical help.

The attached is for the information, reference and assistance of Health and Safety Reps, Branch Officers and Reps and Divisional and Regional Officers for reference in any local discussions. The Q&A’s cover off a number of issues raised by CWU Reps.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

20LTB147 Royal Mail Group – Coronavirus Latest Questions & Answers Guidance (V16) Dated 21 March 2020

Coronavirus Guidance Questions and Answers v16 210320


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