I would like to advise Branches the Postal Executive has today unanimously endorsed a Collective Agreement for a new Career Break Policy. The National Agreement, which is attached, is being introduced from 24th February. 

The Career Break Policy:

  •  Outlines eligibility and principles 
  •  Explains the process from request to returning 
  •  Gives clarity to the conditions while on a career break 

The new agreement includes a number of key improvements to the previous agreement:

  • Removed the disqualification of anyone with a current overpayment from applying by replacing it with employees being eligible if they settle any monies owed before the break commences (Section 2)
  • Employees are no longer expected to come in and work for a number of days every year they have off
  • Included a discretionary clause for eligibility so that those with poor attendance and ill health will not be automatically disqualified
  • The career break is a maximum of two years with the ability to apply for an extension in exceptional cases (Section 4)
  • Removed the inability of employees on a Career Break being able to undertake other work (Section 4). This enables those on further education to take part-time work to support their studies
  • A robust appeal process has been put in place (Section 7).

In closing, I would like to thank Lynn Simpson, Postal Executive member, who was instrumental in bringing this negotiation to a successful conclusion.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

20LTB084 Post Office – Collective Agreement – Career Break Policy

Attachment to 20LTB084

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